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Ouson Nature Revitalising Shampoo with Purifying Hair Tonic (Bundle)

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Ouson Nature Revitalising Shampoo 300ml

Japan formulated mild hair treatment shampoo for all hair types. Nourishing formula that penetrates the hair shaft and retains moisture. Infused with a natural blend of Argan oil and Panthenol (Vitamin B5) for renewing hair structure, sealing in shine and creating lush softness. Strengthen your hair with each use.

Nourishment Formula For Re-Moisturising And Smoothing

- Rich in Botanical Extracts

- No Paraben

- No Colorant

- Natural Organic Oils

Gentle Cleanse
- Gently cleanse, smooth and protect your hair from roots and ends

From Smooth to Silky Smooth
- Complete penetration for moisturising, nourishing and strengthening the hair

Sealing in Shine & Lush Softness
- Infused with natural blend of Organic Moroccan Argan Oil & Panthenol B5 for instant absorption

Ouson Purifying Hair Tonic 100ml

Japan formulated plant-based hair tonic that gently soothes and balances the scalp for optimal scalp condition. This unique solution normalises oil production to prevent oily scalp and moisturises dry scalp. Accelerates hair cycle and controls hair fall where the hair shaft is actively generated and extended. Suit all hair types and sensitive scalp.

The Younger, Healthier and Stronger Hair Potion

Beautiful Blend of Natural Extracts

Gentle Protect
- Gently soothes and balances the scalp

For Healthier & Fuller Hair
- Stimulate blood circulation on scalp, strengthen hair roots and accelerate hair cycle

Say NO to itchy scalp & dandruff
- Infused with Panax Ginseng Root and Burdock Root that promotes healthy hair scalp and hair growth


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